Transport to the national whitewater center Bala Wales from €150pp


We are providing a transport service that will take up to 16 passengers and related Kayaking equipment from Ireland to the national whitewater centre in Bala Wales. We will be departing from Dublin port on the 20:40 ferry to Hollyhead and returning on the Sunday or Monday 20:30 ferry to Dublin. Transport from accommodation and shuttle to the centre is provided throughout your stay.

As we arrive late in Hollyhead we will stay in a hostel about 10 mins from the ferry. Anglesea Outdoors which have a range of accommodation options. 

Please log on to to book your room for the first night 30/11/2018.

On the second night we will base ourselves in Llongllen. Here you have a choice of accommodation to suit your requirements. Llongllen hostel, and Wild Pheasant hotel, are two that should cater for most peoples needs. 

We can reserve your accommodation if required. 

Please contact us if you require alternative accommodation.



  • Kayaking equipment transported from Ireland to Wales and return
  • Transport from accommodation to the national whitewater centre daily
  • We can suggest accommodation in the local area. (contact us)

Transport to Wales

Starts On:
Fri 30. November 2018
6:00 PM
Ends On:
Sun 02. December 2018
12:30 PM